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  • 2017 Winter Newsletter

    2017 Winter Newsletter

    • Dow Jones: 20,000
    • Exciting Times!
    • Dreaming of a Second Home?
    • Taking Care of a Whole New Generation of Wealth Accumulators
    • Adding Value
  • 2017 Spring Newsletter

    2017 Spring Newsletter

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    • Introducing the Bedel Leadership Team (BLT)
    • Check Etiquette
    • 5 Easy Ways to Save on College Costs
    • Directly Held Stock vs. a Brokerage Account
  • 2016 Fall Newsletter

    2016 Fall Newsletter

    • Planning for the Generations
    • Putting Election Anxiety in Perspective
    • Cyber Security & How to Protect Your Investment Accounts
    • Millennials and Financial Literacy
    • Charitable Gift Funds
  • 2016 Summer Newsletter

    2016 Summer Newsletter

    • After the Vote: The Brexit Impact
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  • 2016 Spring Newsletter

    2016 Spring Newsletter

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    • It's Shaping Up to Be a Colorful Year!
    • Is Alternative Lending a Viable Investment?
    • Staying Connected with Social Media
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  • 2016 Winter Newsletter

    2016 Winter Newsletter

    • Are We Headed Toward Recession?
    • Never a Dull Moment
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    • The Next Generation of Student Loan Debt Refinancing
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  • 2015 Fall Newsletter

    2015 Fall Newsletter

    • Social Security Retirement Benefits: What You Need to Know Now!
    • Giving Thanks
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    • A Millennial's Vision of Retirement
  • 2015 Summer Newsletter

    2015 Summer Newsletter

    • The Second Time Around
    • Getting Back in the Swing of Things
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    • A Family Guide for Developing Young Money Minds
    • Selling Houses and Paying Taxes
  • 2015 Spring Newsletter

    2015 Spring Newsletter

    • Buffett and Munger: Advice on Investments and Marriage
    • Get on the Path to Making Better Financial and Life Choices
    • The Unexpected Costs of Home Ownership
    • When a Vacation Becomes a Financial Nightmare
    • Is Your Home Properly Insured?
  • 2014 Winter Newsletter

    2014 Winter Newsletter

    • Signing Up for Medicare
    • We're Off to a Fast Start
    • Affordable Care Act Subsidy:  Proceed with Caution
    • Young Adults and Health Insurance Options
    • Medicare Premiums and High-Income Earners
Turning Capital Losses into Client Gains

Turning Capital Losses into Client Gains

When working with business owners who have a fairly significant capital loss from their business, we may be able to utilize those losses by converting a large portion of an IRA to a Roth IRA. Doing so will allow the business owner to move those tax-deferred dollars to a tax-free bucket while paying little to no income tax. Now those converted dollars will grow tax free for retirement.