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Retirement Focus Planning

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Bedel Financial Consulting’s RetireSecureStrategy, a tool-box of services that places us on the cutting edge of financial planning.

For clients with retirement as the key or solo focus, RetireSecureStrategy enables us to analyze our client’s capacity to retire at a certain age with a desired lifestyle. By implementing this process, our clients have a predictable source of income during their golden years, regardless of market fluctuations.

One element of this strategy is the Financial Security Analysis, which determines how much you can comfortably spend during retirement without depleting your investment assets.

Another element of this strategy allows you to “insure” that you don’t outlive your money. By purchasing protection on a portion of your existing assets, you receive a guaranteed lifetime income withdrawal from this portfolio even if the assets are depleted. While this additional layer of protection is provided by an insurance company, you don't lose control of your assets and you can remove the protection at any time without penalty.

RetireSecureStrategy isn’t appropriate for everyone, but this protection enables our clients to reach another level of security, comfort, and peace of mind. We’re confident that you’ll never find a better way to provide retirement income protection without the cost and inflexibility of traditional annuities.

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Turning Capital Losses into Client Gains

Turning Capital Losses into Client Gains

When working with business owners who have a fairly significant capital loss from their business, we may be able to utilize those losses by converting a large portion of an IRA to a Roth IRA. Doing so will allow the business owner to move those tax-deferred dollars to a tax-free bucket while paying little to no income tax. Now those converted dollars will grow tax free for retirement.