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We are very selective of who we choose to be on our team because we only want the best talent in our industry. Our entire staff brings experience, expertise and well-honed skills to the firm. We are proud to have both Certified Financial Planner™ practitioners (CFP®) and Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) on our team, reflecting our commitment to the profession. Both the CFP® and CFA designations are highly regarded as the most stringent credentials in their associated profession. 

Highly credentialed professional team, providing individualized plans and services.

Each client is assigned their own financial team of credentialed professionals who work together to bring the highest level of expertise and service. We are proud of our Bedel Financial Consulting team. Please take a moment to learn more about them.

Great Loss Avoided

Great Loss Avoided

Many individuals have sizeable positions in their employers’ stock. While our crystal ball is not always clear about how a certain stock may perform, we go into great detail with our clients about the potential impacts that owning a large position can have with their long-term financial security.  For example, by discussing our concern with a client, they may decide not only to reduce their holding but eliminate the holding completely, especially if they no longer have a current correlation with the company.  By removing the large dependency upon a single company, the client would not longer need to be concerned with the chance that the company could announce devastating news, plummeting the stock price and jeopardizing their situation.  Obviously, timing is imperative but it does go to prove that a big difference can be made by having a simple conversation about risks and financial security.