BLT Corner

Nov 13, 2017

BLT Corner - Your Security Is Our Priority

Securing your personal information has always been one of our highest priorities. At Bedel Financial, we take many precautions to protect your money and personal information from being hacked. In wake of the Equifax breach, which potentially impacted more than 145 million people, your personal information has never been more in jeopardy than it is today. The good news is that as criminals get smarter, so do we. Here are some of the new security protocols we’ve put in place.

Two-factor authentication

Everyone knows passwords aren’t enough anymore. When Bedel employees log into any system or software that contains your sensitive information, we use two-factor authentications as an additional security measure.

What is two-factor authentication? It’s an extra layer of security. In addition to a standard username and password, we are required to enter a temporary passcode to log into an account, The temporary passcode is delivered to our personal device – a cell phone or computer, for example.

Verbal passwords

Your financial advisor may recognize your voice, but our Operations team may not! They are in charge of helping you wire money and complete other financial transfers. We are now implementing verbal passwords for third-party money movements, such as sending a wire to the title company for a real estate transaction.

How do you receive your verbal password? Not by email! The next time you stop by, your Operations specialist will provide you with the steps you’ll need to take to set up your verbal password. If you’d like to set up your verbal password before your next meeting, please feel free to call us from your home or cell phone – whichever one we have on file. Our Operations team will be happy to assist you.

On a lighter note!

We are grateful to have wonderful employees! Congrats and thank you to these employees who are celebrating milestone employment anniversaries with Bedel Financial!

  • Meredith Carbrey, CFP® (10 Years)
  • Dave Crossman, CFA (5 Years)
  • Deanna Turner (5 Years)
  • Patt Norton (5 Years)
  • Austin Stagman (1 Year)
  • Cindy Garman (1 Year)
  • Kate Arndt (1 Year)
  • Sarah Mahaffa, CFP® (1 Year)

With warmest regards,

The Bedel Leadership Team:

Evan Bedel, Generation NeXt Advisor; Director of Finance & Strategy
Meredith Carbrey, Wealth Advisor
Ryan Collier, Sr. Portfolio Manager & Director of Investment Management
Kathy Hower, Wealth Advisor & Director of Financial Planning
Cassi Vanderpool, Director of Administration & Chief Compliance Officer
Bill Wendling, Sr. Portfolio Manager & Chief Investment Officer