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Image for How to Calculate Medicare Premiums

Oct 11, 2021

How to Calculate Medicare Premiums

Dealing with Medicare-related items can be difficult. If the burden of handling the process alone feels daunting, do not hesitate to reach out and work with your financial and tax advisors.

Image for China’s Real Estate Problem

Oct 4, 2021

China’s Real Estate Problem

With the real estate bubble that has been the driving force behind China’s explosive growth deflating, future growth must come from elsewhere.

Image for Wealth Transfer Strategy: Give the House to the Kids!

Sep 27, 2021

Wealth Transfer Strategy: Give the House to the Kids!

The Qualified Personal Residence Trust provides an opportunity to remove your residence or vacation home from your estate. It may be the perfect strategy for you and worthy of a conversation with your attorney or financial planner.

Image for Wealth Transfer Strategies

Sep 21, 2021

Wealth Transfer Strategies

Invariably, the end goal is to lower the overall value of your estate to limit your estate tax liability. There are several ways in which to reduce your taxable estate.

Image for Tough Time to Find Used Cars: Indiana has Best Value

Sep 20, 2021

Tough Time to Find Used Cars: Indiana has Best Value

Used vehicle price increases are frustrating to consumers who need a vehicle now. However, remember the negotiating power you hold for those who already have a used vehicle to trade-in/sell.

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Sep 20, 2021

Ask Bedel

Welcome to #AskBedel, a weekly personal-wealth Q&A where you can ask financial planning and investment experts for advice. Each week we’ll be answering your personal finance questions, so be sure to submit your questions to

Image for Reset Your Expectations

Sep 16, 2021

Reset Your Expectations

Stocks inevitably encounter rough patches and periods of increased volatility. While investors have benefited from seven straight months of increases in the equity markets, it is important to remember the cyclical nature of markets.

Image for Calculating Your Withholding Tax

Sep 13, 2021

Calculating Your Withholding Tax

If you typically get a large refund or end up owing a significant amount at tax-filing time, or your tax filing status or earned income changes, you may want to adjust form W-4.

Image for Pet Insurance: Good idea?

Sep 2, 2021

Pet Insurance: Good idea?

Anyone with a pet knows that veterinary care can be costly, especially when faced with a more serious illness. Enter pet insurance – providing pet owners with the means to provide care for their furry friends in the event of illness. We’ve outlined the basics of pet insurance, along with things to consider when deciding if it’s a good purchase for you and your pet.

Image for The FAQs of a Financial Planner

Aug 30, 2021

The FAQs of a Financial Planner

When it comes to your financial future, trial and error can be expensive. Your best bet is to seek out a financial planner who can answer your questions and help you think about the questions you don’t know to ask.

Image for Should I Invest in Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies?

Aug 23, 2021

Should I Invest in Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies?

The reasons why you should own, or invest, in Bitcoin have changed over time. It should be considered a higher than average risk investment, and we suggest proceeding with caution.

Image for Child Tax Credit: Opt Out or Take the Money?

Aug 16, 2021

Child Tax Credit: Opt Out or Take the Money?

Earlier this year, the American Rescue Plan authorized a portion of the Child Tax Credit to be paid to eligible taxpayers monthly but don’t spend those funds right away. If your financial situation has changed, you may have to pay some of those dollars back!