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Image for Next Vehicle – Lease or Buy?

Sep 25, 2023

Next Vehicle – Lease or Buy?

While leasing has benefits, it's important to understand the disadvantages before making your decision.

Image for Eli Lilly’s Tremendous Year Leaves Investors with Big Decisions

Sep 18, 2023

Eli Lilly’s Tremendous Year Leaves Investors with Big Decisions

While the meteoric rise of Lilly stock has been a boon to many investors, managing the new risks associated with the stock is an important consideration to preserve gains and minimize risks for the total portfolio.

Image for Estimated Tax Payments

Sep 11, 2023

Estimated Tax Payments

Tax planning will always be at the forefront of comprehensive financial planning. Taking steps throughout the year can not only ensure you are not faced with a tax surprise at filing time,

Image for Energy Efficiency Incentives Available

Aug 28, 2023

Energy Efficiency Incentives Available

If you plan to upgrade your home, why not take advantage of the new federal tax incentives? While more information is needed on the state-level rebate program, now is a good time to develop your home efficiency game plan.

Image for Equity Compensation: The Benefits and Dangers

Aug 21, 2023

Equity Compensation: The Benefits and Dangers

Although everyone's financial situation is different, it's typically beneficial for an employee to participate in these programs—especially if you are optimistic about the future growth of your company.

Image for Board Service:  Are you actions covered by insurance?

Aug 14, 2023

Board Service: Are you actions covered by insurance?

The objective of anyone serving as a board member is to make the best decisions for that organization with the information that is provided. But what if someone says your decisions were harmful and they take you to court?

Image for Personal Finance Hacks 101

Aug 1, 2023

Personal Finance Hacks 101

Automation isn’t just for short-term needs. Many retirement plans allow you to automatically increase your retirement savings by 1% each calendar year. This small adjustment can often go unnoticed, but before long, you will have significantly increased your retirement account without lifting a finger!

Image for Tax-Free-High-Yield College Savings

Jul 24, 2023

Tax-Free-High-Yield College Savings

Only this year has the FDIC insured Savings Portfolio yield become attractive. Combining it with the tax-free potential and the state tax credit makes it a fantastic opportunity for those setting aside money for upcoming education expenses.

Image for When Wealth Goes Wrong

Jul 19, 2023

When Wealth Goes Wrong

When you pass, you don’t get to take your money with you, so avoiding the common pitfalls of wealth transfer is best. Prepare your heirs, talk openly about money, pass along family values, and don’t be afraid to implement a trust.

Image for Ask Bedel

Jul 12, 2023

Ask Bedel

Welcome to #AskBedel, a weekly personal-wealth Q&A where you can ask financial planning and investment experts for advice. Each week we’ll be answering your personal finance questions, so be sure to submit your questions to

Image for Debt Ceiling Drama

Jul 11, 2023

Debt Ceiling Drama

Halfway through May, the headlines came daily. We would get several breaking news updates each day as we neared the end of the month. The press coverage became relentless, and the debt ceiling standoff was front and center of the attention of Americans.

Image for Fun in the Sun:  Is Your Insurance Protecting You?

Jul 10, 2023

Fun in the Sun: Is Your Insurance Protecting You?

Boat, jet ski, and Wave Runner owners typically know they need additional insurance coverage, but they should also understand the terms of their policy.