Image for Q3 2022 Newsletter

Q3 2022 Newsletter

Feature: The Doves Have Left the Nest
BLT Corner: Octoberfest
GenNeXt: Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness
Industry News: FAFSA Changes for the 2023-2024 School Year (And Beyond)
Ask Bedel: Moving Retirement Accounts - Fraud Protection - Charitable Giving

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Image for 2022 Q2 Newsletter

2022 Q2 Newsletter

Feature: Are We Headed For a Recession? Were We In a Recession?
BLT Corner: It’s Summer in Indiana!
GenNeXt: Stablecoins Explained
Industry News: Savings Bonds Beyond $10,000
Ask Bedel: How Do We Preserve Wealth Through Generations?

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Image for 2022 Q1 Newsletter

2022 Q1 Newsletter

Feature: The Market is Dropping, What Should I Do?
BLT Corner: Hello, Spring Time!
GenNeXt: 529 Plans & Tax Time
Industry News: The 529A Savings Plan for those with Disabilities
Ask Bedel: What Does it Mean When the Fed Raises Rates?

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Image for 2021 Q4 Newsletter

2021 Q4 Newsletter

Feature: Want to Earn 7% Risk-Free? There’s a Catch
BLT Corner: Reflections of 2021
GenNeXt: Home Equity Decisions
Industry News: Inherited IRAs: Do You Know The Rules?
Ask Bedel: No More Backdoor Roth?

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Image for 2021 Q3 Newsletter

2021 Q3 Newsletter

Feature: Reset Your Expectations
BLT Corner: The End (of the year) is Near
GenNeXt: Should I Invest in Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies?
Industry News: Wealth Transfer Strategies
Ask Bedel: Year-end Tax Deadlines

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Image for 2021 Spring Newsletter

2021 Spring Newsletter

Feature: Who’s In Charge Of Your Household Finances?
BLT Corner: Welcome Summer 2021!
GenNeXt: The Financial Transition to Stay-at-Home Parent
Industry News: Inflation and the Market: Back to the Future
Ask Bedel: How is inflation measured?

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Image for 2021 Winter Newsletter

2021 Winter Newsletter

Feature: Tales from the Crypt-o
BLT Corner: Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!
GenNeXt: Tax Diversification
Industry News: Thinking of a Second Home? Not So Fast.
Ask Bedel: Does my grandson need renters insurance?

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Image for 2020 Fall Newsletter

2020 Fall Newsletter

The COVID Effect on Your Bank Account
BLT Corner: Happy Thanksgiving!
Dependent Care FSA Considerations for 2021
How COVID-19 Impacts Real Estate
Ask Bedel: What is Robinhood?

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Image for 2020 Summer Newsletter

2020 Summer Newsletter

Solutions for Your Cash in Low-Interest Rate Environment
BLT Corner: Plan for Tomorrow
Trusting Your Trust: Should Your Trust be the Beneficiary of Your IRA?
Construction Fever
Q&A: RMDs Are Suspended For 2020, What if I Already Took Mine?

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Image for 2020 Spring Newsletter

2020 Spring Newsletter

CARES Act: Benefits for Families
BLT Corner: Updates and Thanks
CARES Act: Federal Student Loan Relief
Records Get Headlines but Other Developments are More Important
Q&A: New Tax Incentives for Giving to Your Favorite Charity

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Image for 2020 Winter Newsletter

2020 Winter Newsletter

Your Guide to Health Care Consumption
BLT Corner: Welcome 2020
Does the Stock Market Favor Trump or Someone Else?
Things to Know Before You Open a Roth IRA
Q&A: Investment Accounts and Tricky Tax Forms

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Image for 2019 Fall Newsletter

2019 Fall Newsletter

Is Cost Basis a Good Indicator of Performance?
BLT Corner: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
Eight Tips for a Successful Family Meeting
Kate’s 2019 Holiday Gifting Ideas
Q&A: I have a Schwab or Fidelity Charitable account. What are the year-end contribution deadlines?

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Image for 2019 Summer Newsletter

2019 Summer Newsletter

Challenges of the Sandwich Generation
BLT Corner: Keeping Cool & Secure
What Employees Need to Know About Equity Compensation
Our Tips to Jump-Start Your Wire Transaction

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Image for 2019 Spring Newsletter

2019 Spring Newsletter

Retirement…How to Spend It
BLT Corner: 2019 is Zooming Along!
Customize Your Approach to Asset Allocation
How to Introduce Your Children to Good Financial Principles

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Image for 2019 Winter Newsletter

2019 Winter Newsletter

Do Reverse Mortgages Deserve Their Bad Rap?
BLT Corner: Reflecting on 2018 and Looking Forward to 2019
How Student Debt is Affecting the Housing Market
Young Adults – On the Road to Financial Success or Disillusionment?

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Image for 2018 Fall Newsletter

2018 Fall Newsletter

Bedel Financial Forum: Market Expectations
BLT Corner: Goodbye, Summer. Hello, Holidays!
Reflections from 18,885 Feet
Maternity & Paternity Leave: Are You Prepared (Financially)?

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Image for 2018 Summer Newsletter

2018 Summer Newsletter

Bond Yield Curve: Indicating Recession?
BLT Corner: What We’ve Accomplished & What’s Ahead
The Importance of Mentorship
Treat Yo’ Self (On a Budget)
Health Insurance, HSAs, and Your Adult Children

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Image for 2018 Spring Newsletter

2018 Spring Newsletter

How Company Cash Decisions Impact the Market
BLT Corner: Spring Into Action!
Tariffs and Trade Wars
Bedel Financial's Guide for First-Time Homebuyers
Your Roth Account and the 2018 Rule Changes

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Image for 2018 Winter Newsletter

2018 Winter Newsletter

The New Standard Deduction and Charitable Giving
BLT Corner: We're Moving - And in More Ways Than One!
Investing with the New Tax Plan
The New Child Tax Credit - Will You Benefit?
New 529 Plan Changes

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Image for 2017 Fall Newsletter

2017 Fall Newsletter

Highlights of Our Financial Forum
BLT Corner: Your Security is Our Priority
Maximizing Workplace Benefits
How My Spending Challenge Played Out
Keep Fraudsters at Bay by Freezing Your Credit

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Image for 2017 Summer Newsletter

2017 Summer Newsletter

College Costs: What's a Parent to Do?
BLT Corner: Moving Right Along
Will the DOL's Fiduciary Standard Rule Affect You?
Practicing What I Preach: 3 Ways to Cut Expenses
529 College Expense Plans - Does This Expense Qualify?

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Image for 2017 Spring Newsletter

2017 Spring Newsletter

Collaborative Divorce: A Softer, More Congenial Approach
Introducing the Bedel Leadership Team (BLT)
Check Etiquette
5 Easy Ways to Save on College Costs
Directly Held Stock vs. a Brokerage Account

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Image for 2017 Winter Newsletter

2017 Winter Newsletter

Dow Jones: 20,000
Exciting Times!
Dreaming of a Second Home?
Taking Care of a Whole New Generation of Wealth Accumulators
Adding Value

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Image for 2016 Fall Newsletter

2016 Fall Newsletter

Planning for the Generations Putting Election Anxiety in Perspective Cyber Security & How to Protect Your Investment Accounts Millennials and Financial Literacy Charitable Gift Funds

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Image for 2016 Summer Newsletter |

2016 Summer Newsletter |

After the Vote: The Brexit Impact Lots to Keep Us Busy in the Upcoming Months Got EE Savings Bonds? Wedding Costs! Really?

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Image for 2016 Spring Newsletter

2016 Spring Newsletter

Financial Fraud Against Seniors It's Shaping Up to Be a Colorful Year! Is Alternative Lending a Viable Investment? Staying Connected with Social Media Down Payment Hysteria

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