• 2017 Winter Newsletter

    2017 Winter Newsletter

    • Dow Jones: 20,000
    • Exciting Times!
    • Dreaming of a Second Home?
    • Taking Care of a Whole New Generation of Wealth Accumulators
    • Adding Value

  • 2017 Spring Newsletter

    2017 Spring Newsletter

    • Collaborative Divorce: A Softer, More Congenial Approach
    • Introducing the Bedel Leadership Team (BLT)
    • Check Etiquette
    • 5 Easy Ways to Save on College Costs
    • Directly Held Stock vs. a Brokerage Account

  • 2016 Summer Newsletter

    2016 Summer Newsletter

    • After the Vote: The Brexit Impact
    • Lots to Keep Us Busy in the Upcoming Months
    • Got EE Savings Bonds?
    • Wedding Costs! Really?

  • 2016 Spring Newsletter

    2016 Spring Newsletter

    • Financial Fraud Against Seniors
    • It's Shaping Up to Be a Colorful Year!
    • Is Alternative Lending a Viable Investment?
    • Staying Connected with Social Media
    • Down Payment Hysteria

  • 2016 Fall Newsletter

    2016 Fall Newsletter

    • Planning for the Generations
    • Putting Election Anxiety in Perspective
    • Cyber Security & How to Protect Your Investment Accounts
    • Millennials and Financial Literacy
    • Charitable Gift Funds

Identifying “Outside the Box” Gifting Strategies

Identifying “Outside the Box” Gifting Strategies

While establishing an appropriate investment strategy with new clients, we take the time to consider every option, while ensuring the chosen plan does not have any negative unforeseen surprises. For example, if a client has several long-held stocks in their portfolio with very low cost basis, our first concern is the possible high tax consequence should they want to sell these holdings. By taking the time to think “outside the box”, we may be able to accomplish another goal of the clients, such as gifting to family and charitable causes close the client. By choosing to gift the zero-basis appreciated stock instead of cash to children or charities, the client is able to avoid having to pay long-term capital gains tax and the children and/or charity can benefit from this generosity, a win-win all around!.

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