Planning your financial future is personal.

You want to be confident and comfortable with those who help guide your financial ship. Our team recognizes the value of getting to know you and every aspect of your family’s financial situation, and we place an emphasis on this in our process. The Bedel method is designed to relieve the stress of navigating alone, and to give you control at every step. Watch our video to learn more about our tested wealth management process.



Interview Us

This free, no-obligation initial call gives us the opportunity to interview each other and for you to better understand our process, and to ensure you are in the right place. If both parties feel it’s a good fit, we schedule a data-gathering session with both a financial planner and investment manager.


Getting to Know You

For us, this is the most critical part of our process – really getting to know you and understanding your goals for the future. You’ll meet with your wealth management team, comprised of a financial planner and investment manager, to collect every detail of pertinent information that affects your financial situation. We discuss your goals and dreams, savings, earnings, spending, and much more —the whole financial picture.


Agreement Letter

After we’ve gathered the information we need, we follow up with a document that details the cost along with the topics to be addressed in your financial plan and investment strategy.


Let’s Get Planning!

Once on board, we’ll help guide you to calmer waters. The next step is to meet with your team and chart your financial plan in detail. We’ll provide our recommendations and discuss with you the best method of implementation. After the meeting, you’ll get a summary of topics and action items. At every stage, we clearly communicate expectations for both parties, and make sure you have a clear financial bearing.


Active Monitoring & Management

The oversight and management of your investments is an integral part of helping you reach your goals. We actively monitor each client’s investments, making choices based on your individual plan.


Six Month Review Meeting

We want you to feel confident that you’re heading in the right direction, and life can be unpredictable sometimes. We do a progress check at six months to make minor changes or major course corrections.


Lifelong Relationship

Regular meetings with you help us stay on course, to make sure you’re reaching your financial goals. Be sure to keep us in the know on any significant life changes that could impact your wealth management plan.

Schedule a Consultation

We have helped our clients answer these questions and more. If you want a clear understanding of your financial future, and need help making changes to reach your goals, schedule a consultation and we can get started.

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