Jonathan Koop, CFA

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Portfolio Manager

As a portfolio manager, I work to ensure that a client’s investments are properly aligned to help them achieve their unique financial goals. Through my research and analysis for the Investment Committee, I identify new attractive investment opportunities and regularly monitor investments that are currently used in our clients' portfolios.

Personal Investment Experience

  • Over five years of experience in the financial services industry
  • Experience includes investment research and analysis of large private wealth and institutional clients, as well as the developing and monitoring of portfolios to meet client goals

Career History

  • Bedel Financial Consulting, Inc., Portfolio Manager
  • Cambridge Associates, LLC, Sr. Investment Associate
  • Edward Jones, Financial Advisor


  • Awarded Chartered Financial Analyst designation
  • Master of Arts and Letters, Education, University of Notre Dame, 2012
  • Bachelor of Arts and Letters, Economics and Political Science, University of Notre Dame, 2010


Image for Give your Portfolio a Boost: Diversify During Cyclical Markets

Nov 26, 2018

Give your Portfolio a Boost: Diversify During Cyclical Markets

Cyclical markets can be unsettling: increased market swings and volatility can scare even the most seasoned of investors. But these market cycles can be used to your advantage. Jonathan explains how to make the market cycles work to your portfolio’s benefit.

Image for Bond Yield Curve: Indicating Recession?

Jul 16, 2018

Bond Yield Curve: Indicating Recession?

Investors, the bond market’s yield curve is indicting the possibility of impending recession! However, while the shape of the yield curve can be used as a tool to project the future health of the economy, it is not a crystal ball. Read on for a better understanding of yield curves and how this trend could impact you.

Image for Rising Interest Rates:  Impact on Investments

Jun 25, 2018

Rising Interest Rates: Impact on Investments

News of rising interest rates has been hard to miss, but if the economic jargon makes you anxious or you’re trying to ignore the topic altogether, you may have overlooked the impact this could have on your investments. We’ve pulled together a few basic points to help you feel more confident in the current economic environment.

Image for Tariffs: Impact on Your Wallet?

Apr 2, 2018

Tariffs: Impact on Your Wallet?

Tariffs and trade wars and volatile markets…Oh my! You probably already know that the President has imposed tariffs on many Chinese goods coming into the U.S. But you might not understand what that means for the stock market, American corporations, and your wallet. We’ve cut through the hype to focus on tariffs and what they could actually mean for the economy…and your pocketbook!