David Crossman, CFA

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Sr. Portfolio Manager

As a portfolio manager, I design and manage investment portfolios for our clients to ensure their asset allocations are in line with their unique financial situation and that their investments support both their short- and long-term goals. Through ongoing research, I help identify and track appropriate investment vehicles for use in client portfolios. I am able to stay abreast of the ever-changing market conditions to understand when a change/adjustment is needed in our clients' holdings.

Personal Investment Management Experience

  • Over fifteen years of experience in investment management.
  • Extensive experience analyzing individual stocks.

Career History

  • Bedel Financial Consulting, Inc., Senior. Portfolio Manager
  • Kirr, Marbach & Co., Senior Research Analyst
  • Reams Asset Management Co., Senior Equity Analyst

Educational and Professional Designations

  • Awarded Chartered Financial Analyst designation.
  • Master of Business Administration, Finance, Vanderbilt University, May 1997.
  • Bachelor of Arts, Economics, Duke University, May 1990.

Professional Activities & Accolades


  • Contributing writer to employer quarterly newsletter.

More fun facts about Dave:

Meet David Crossman, CFA | Bedel Financial

Community Activities

  • Endowment Chair, Asbury United Methodist Church.
  • Finance Chair, Asbury United Methodist Church.


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