Ryan A. Collier, CIMA®

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Sr. Portfolio Manager and Director of Investment Management

As a Senior Portfolio Manager and the Director of Investment Management my focus is working with clients and trustees to ensure that their investment portfolio is invested appropriately based upon their goals and plans. As Director of Investment Management my role is to oversee the investment team to make sure that we are achieving our client's investment goals. Having been with the firm for over 15 years I feel the best part of my job is helping someone remove the worries or concerns they have about their investments.

Personal Financial Planning Experience

  • Over 20 years of experience in financial services industry.
  • Experience includes investment research and analysis, as well as, the developing and monitoring of portfolios to meet client goals.

Career History

  • Bedel Financial Consulting, Inc., Sr. Portfolio Manager & Director of Investments.
  • Wealth Management firm working with individuals and families to achieve financial security and lifetime goals.
  • Fifth Third Bank , Investment Representative.
  • Charles Schwab & Co., Investment Representative.

Educational and Professional Designations

  • Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Economics, Centre College.
  • Certified Investment Management Analyst®

Professional Activities & Accolades

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Image for Revisiting I-Bonds

Oct 15, 2023

Revisiting I-Bonds

Now that I-Bond yields are no longer offering the eye-watering yields of 2022, you may be looking to sell. Consider waiting until the November rates are revealed to see if the rates climb back a little higher and make the bonds more attractive versus other options.

Image for Tax-Free-High-Yield College Savings

Jul 24, 2023

Tax-Free-High-Yield College Savings

Only this year has the FDIC insured Savings Portfolio yield become attractive. Combining it with the tax-free potential and the state tax credit makes it a fantastic opportunity for those setting aside money for upcoming education expenses.

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Mar 14, 2023

Where Are You Putting All That Cash?

With the Federal Reserve’s rapid interest rate increases, more options exist for your cash to earn interest. However, your bank may not be keeping up.

Image for Tax Loss Harvesting – Be Careful

Dec 12, 2022

Tax Loss Harvesting – Be Careful

In December of each year, many mutual funds pay out capital gains. These payouts go to whoever owns the mutual fund on the "ex-dividend" date. These capital gains are gains incurred over the entire year. However, if you purchase the fund the day before the ex-dividend date, you will only own the fund for one day, but you will end up with the entire year's capital gain distribution.

Image for What Investment Could Beat Owning an NFL Team?

Jun 27, 2022

What Investment Could Beat Owning an NFL Team?

Pat Bowlen purchased the Denver Broncos in 1984 for $78 million. Upon his passing in 2019, there were family disputes and court cases, which eventually resulted in the recent sale of the team for $4.65 billion.

Image for Market Sell Off: Consider Tax-Loss Harvesting

Mar 21, 2022

Market Sell Off: Consider Tax-Loss Harvesting

Tax-loss harvesting can be one of the few benefits of a market selloff. However, you want to make sure you can use that benefit on your taxes, so knowing the wash-sale rule is important.

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Apr 12, 2021

Self-Investors: Value or Growth?

Self-investors tend to select an asset allocation for their investment accounts and tend not to change anything as long as the performance is good. So what should you do?

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Oct 12, 2020

Cryptocurrencies: What IRS Wants to Know

If you are a cryptocurrency fan, heads up! As cryptocurrency investing becomes more popular, the IRS will shine a larger spotlight on tax reporting.

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Sep 8, 2020

How to Build a Post-COVID Portfolio

Bond yields are at historically low levels, and the Fed has indicated no interest in creating negative yields. How do you rethink what bonds mean for your portfolio? What's the best way to avoid disappointment in a post-COVID portfolio?

Image for Real Estate: Coronavirus Impact

Jun 1, 2020

Real Estate: Coronavirus Impact

In the investment world, real estate is generally dominated by office buildings, industrial warehouses, retail stores, and apartment buildings. Given that the real estate market had a significant downturn during the 2008 recession, how is real estate holding up during this pandemic?

Image for Time To Check Your 401(k)

Mar 2, 2020

Time To Check Your 401(k)

The past week has seen volatility creep back into the stock market, and after a long run of positive returns, investors now have to ponder how much risk is too much. What should you do?

Image for Is Cost Basis a Good Indicator of Performance?

Dec 11, 2019

Is Cost Basis a Good Indicator of Performance?

As shareholders begin to receive yearend payouts from investments, how do you determine how your investments performed? Is cost basis reporting the best way to interpret the overall performance of your investments?