Where Are You Putting All That Cash?

Jun 14, 2024

For the past decade, it has been incredibly difficult for savers to earn much on cash savings. That has changed as the Federal Reserve raised interest rates to battle inflation. As a result, yields on various cash vehicles are more advantageous.

High-Yield Savings Accounts

High-yield savings accounts, popular with online banking institutions, typically offer higher interest rates than traditional banks while still providing FDIC insurance coverage.

Unlike checking accounts, these accounts generally do not have minimum deposit or balance requirements. In today’s environment, where interest rates at your typical bank are still near zero, it is possible to find high-yield savings accounts yielding over 4%.

Don’t want to close an existing checking account with established auto payments and direct deposits? A high-yield savings account can be opened at a separate banking institution and connected to an existing checking account so cash can be electronically transferred back and forth seamlessly.

Be sure to check whether the high-yield savings account limits the number of monthly transfers. If frequent transfers from the high-yield savings to the checking account are anticipated, make sure the account doesn’t have a low monthly cap.

Brokerage Money Market Accounts

Investors with brokerage investment accounts at large custodians like Charles Schwab, Fidelity, Vanguard, etc., can invest cash in money market funds. Unlike bank accounts, these funds are generally not FDIC-insured.

However, established custodians have a long track record of running these funds over various market cycles. Many of these money market funds yield around 5%. Similar to high-yield savings accounts, yields generally increase as interest rates increase.

Ultra-Short Duration Bond Funds

Another option is an ultra-short duration bond fund to earn additional yield. Bond funds do not offer FDIC insurance, and the value can fluctuate. While these funds may work for those seeking higher yields who can stomach short-term volatility, it is important to talk to your investment advisor before purchasing one because these funds vary greatly in the amount of risk taken and yield earned.


Make sure you’re taking advantage of the various options for your cash to earn more interest! Contact your financial advisor to learn more about these possible solutions.

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