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Image for Busting Common Retirement Myths

Oct 23, 2023

Busting Common Retirement Myths

As you prepare for retirement, whether that’s in 25 years or two months, it’s important to keep your eye on what’s important. Develop strong habits (but not too strong!) early on for optionality that works in your favor.

Image for Personal Finance Hacks 101

Aug 1, 2023

Personal Finance Hacks 101

Automation isn’t just for short-term needs. Many retirement plans allow you to automatically increase your retirement savings by 1% each calendar year. This small adjustment can often go unnoticed, but before long, you will have significantly increased your retirement account without lifting a finger!

Image for Ask Bedel

Jul 12, 2023

Ask Bedel

Welcome to #AskBedel, a weekly personal-wealth Q&A where you can ask financial planning and investment experts for advice. Each week we’ll be answering your personal finance questions, so be sure to submit your questions to

Image for A Life Well-Lived: How to Enjoy Your Todays While Investing for Your Tomorrows

Apr 18, 2022

A Life Well-Lived: How to Enjoy Your Todays While Investing for Your Tomorrows

Money does not buy happiness, but I believe that it can buy peace of mind. One way your money can do so is through an emergency fund. Having that box checked gave me permission to live a little.

Image for Tempus Fugit – Time Flies

Aug 9, 2021

Tempus Fugit – Time Flies

The most important thing about college savings was to begin. I do not know about other parents, but for me, one of my first thoughts after regaining my senses was about the cost of college.

Image for Am I Doing This Right? Your Guide to Health Care Consumption

Feb 24, 2020

Am I Doing This Right? Your Guide to Health Care Consumption

The health care industry is like a box of chocolates. With so many unknowns, it can be challenging to navigate the healthcare system. But remember, you do have a voice. It’s time to become an educated and engaged consumer!

Image for What’s Your Biggest Waste of Money?

Oct 21, 2019

What’s Your Biggest Waste of Money?

It’s easy for wasteful spending to go undetected, especially if you’ve developed any of these bad habits. You work hard for your paycheck, so make sure you’re spending it in the right places. We cover some of the easiest places to spend more money than you need to. Read on and then celebrate Financial Planning Month by reviewing your budget for wasted money.

Image for Parents: 4 Tips to Help Your Student Ace Finances

Aug 6, 2019

Parents: 4 Tips to Help Your Student Ace Finances

High school graduations are just around the corner and in the past year you’ve likely spent a lot of time helping your child determine their field of study as well as the right college.

Image for What’s Your College Student’s Financial Intelligence?

Jul 30, 2019

What’s Your College Student’s Financial Intelligence?

Your child is heading to college…The car is packed, and you’re ready to move her in. But aren’t you forgetting something? Have you talked with her about finances and making good financial decisions while she’s away? Now’s the perfect time to have that chat and make sure she’s ready to face all the financial intelligence “tests” she’ll encounter in college.

Image for Put Your Finances on Autopilot

Dec 31, 2018

Put Your Finances on Autopilot

There are a plethora of tools that can help you streamline your finances – from automatic transfers to bill paying services to auto escalation for retirement accounts. Taking advantage of this technology can go a long way in helping you meet the financial goals you’ve defined, setting you up for continued success in the future.

Image for Lifelong Gifts from My Financial Role Model

Dec 19, 2018

Lifelong Gifts from My Financial Role Model

Who’s your financial role model? It makes sense to turn to experts for advice and guidance when it comes to things like investments, retirement planning, and tax strategies. But what many might not realize is that each of us has someone who shaped our financial literacy and perception of money at an earlier stage in life – be it good or bad. Kate shares three money lessons she learned from her financial role model – her Dad – and demonstrates the importance of playing that role in a child’s life, shaping their future perception of how to handle financial decisions.

Image for Become a Millionaire…Overnight?

Jul 23, 2018

Become a Millionaire…Overnight?

Everyone would love to be a millionaire overnight – so why isn’t everyone doing it?! While there are avenues to grow your money quickly, they’re usually filled with risk and, more often than not, lead to failure. Instead, follow our lead – living within or below your means, combined with saving and investing, can be that rewarding combination you’re looking for, without the high risk.

Image for Emergency Funds: For When the Unexpected Happens

Feb 6, 2018

Emergency Funds: For When the Unexpected Happens

It’s winter in Indiana! Hit a pothole hard enough and you might end up with a pricey bill for the repair. Or, what if your furnace dies when ...

Image for Teaching Kids about Investing

Oct 3, 2016

Teaching Kids about Investing

Most people would likely agree that teaching children about investing is a very important life lesson. However, if you try to have a discussion about stocks and bonds with most children, their eyes will quickly glaze over. How can you get them more involved?

Image for Smoking and Financial Health

Jul 11, 2016

Smoking and Financial Health

Smoking cigarettes will negatively impact your physical health. This is a widely known fact. Have you considered the financial impact?