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Bedel Financial Consulting, one of the industry's leading financial planning firms, goes through a comprehensive process for determining the best solutions to meet investment needs.

After a no-obligation session where we gather information and discuss your current goals, you'll receive a letter outlining the proposed financial planning services along with the fee to move forward. Once you agree we have accurately captured your concerns, return the letter and we will begin the planning process.

Using our planning tools and strategies, each customized plan includes financial projections, which are modified as the process progresses. Plans also include a list of action items that reflect the tasks to be performed. Follow-up continues until the plan is fully implemented, which may take several months to accomplish.

Schedule a Consultation

If you would like to speak with us further to learn about how we may be able to partner with you as you plan for your financial future, please submit our online form below. You will then have the opportunity to select a time to speak with our Director of Administration. During this conversation, we will be able to address your questions and confirm we are able to provide the services you are looking for before scheduling your first appointment with the team.

*Not sure what to enter for Approximate Portfolio Value above? Here is a summary of our minimum investable assets. You will notice they are based upon your age and current life stage. Have more questions about who we work with? Click here!

Young Affluent ProfessionalsWealth AccumulatorsApproaching RetirementRetired
Minimum Investable AssetsNo Minimum$500,000$1,000,000$1,500,000+