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Women & Money eBook

Women ad Money

Nearly every woman will find herself in total control of her finances or her family’s finances at some point in her life. And being single or in charge of the family finances isn’t the only reason. Even the majority of women who currently share the responsibility of family finances with a partner will also, one day, find themselves in total control.

It’s critical for all women to develop money management skills. Our Women and Money eBook guides you through some of life’s most critical moments, each time illustrating the importance of being ready and able to make important financial decisions, as well as having the ability to understand when outside assistance and advice is needed. We hope, as you read this eBook, that you feel empowered to seek out answers to your own unique financial questions and take the necessary steps to ensure you’re informed about your financial situation.

Great Loss Avoided

Great Loss Avoided

Many individuals have sizeable positions in their employers’ stock. While our crystal ball is not always clear about how a certain stock may perform, we go into great detail with our clients about the potential impacts that owning a large position can have with their long-term financial security. For example, by discussing our concern with a client, they may decide not only to reduce their holding but eliminate the holding completely, especially if they no longer have a current correlation with the company. By removing the large dependency upon a single company, the client would not longer need to be concerned with the chance that the company could announce devastating news, plummeting the stock price and jeopardizing their situation. Obviously, timing is imperative but it does go to prove that a big difference can be made by having a simple conversation about risks and financial security.

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