Jun 16, 2016

Cassi Vanderpool Graduates from Butler's AWL Program

Posted By: Bedel Financial

Cassi Vanderpool recently graduated from Butler University’s Advancing Women in Leadership (AWL) program. The AWL program is a six-month course intended to support and challenge women to proactively grow and develop themselves to be more influential and purposeful leaders. AWL is designed for women who are ready to commit themselves in a challenging program whose purpose is to help them become more effective leaders within their organizations, and for women who are ready to bring the full depth of their experience to the cohort.

“Participating in Butler's AWL program was so much more than I expected. The experience allowed the opportunity to intentionally focus on my own definition of success with an open mind, without any feelings of guilt for doing so. This was so much harder than I ever imagined. As women, we have a tendency to feel selfish when we spend time for ourselves but we must make this a priority since we are the only ones who truly know what we want for our futures.”