Oct 21, 2014

Meredith Carbrey Featured in Women’s Fund Article

Posted By: Bedel Financial

Women’s Fund Article “Are You Financially Frugal? Tips from Female Financial Advisors” featuring Meredith Carbrey

The definition of financial frugality can vary greatly from person to person. Each individual’s idea of being frugal is shaped by past experiences, present circumstances and future desires. For some, it might mean living debt free. For others, it could mean putting every spare penny outside of necessary spending into some sort of savings vehicle. And for others still, it could mean continuing to enjoy vacations and nice dinners, but monitoring spending and choosing wisely on what he or she should spend money.

The OPTIONS Alumnae group gathered in September for a panel discussion on financial planning, and though everyone’s perception of what it means to be frugal might be somewhat different, four key ideas emerged that could most certainly assist those wishing to be more frugal get from Point A to Point B. Meredith Carbrey, CFP® was chosen to be a panelist in this discussion and shared her thoughts on the importance of engaging professional help with financial planning.