Personal Services

Personal Services

Planning your financial future is very personal and we understand that making the choice of who to partner with is extremely important. When working with us, your Bedel Financial Consulting team members work together to understand the unique aspects of your financial situation so they may develop a financial solution, which truly addresses your concerns and allows you to reach your goals. 

By understanding your unique situation,
we are able to implement a plan that truly offers peace of mind.

The Bedel Financial Consulting engagement process is designed so that you are in control at every step. An initial meeting provides an opportunity to “interview” the firm and our process to ensure you are in the right place. If after this appointment, you feel comfortable and would like us to consider your personal planning needs, a data-gathering session with both a financial planner and investment manager is scheduled to discuss your concerns and review your financial documents. 

The objective is to collect every detail of pertinent information that affects your financial situation and to begin understanding your short- and long-term goals. No detail is rushed through or passed over and our conversations are confidential and industry-jargon free.

Confidential conversations, understanding the issues.

An engagement letter follows, which details the areas to be included in your financial plan and investment strategy. A series of planning and review meetings build on this foundation, making way for additional data and plan adjustments when necessary. The oversight and management of your investments run concurrently with the planning sessions. We actively monitor each client’s investments, making choices based on your individual investment plan and relieving you of the stress of being solely responsible for your portfolio.

Watch the second video in our "Welcome to Bedel Financial" video series, The Client Experience: Our Process to learn more about working with us.

To learn more about the services we provide to our clients, view our Comprehensive Wealth Management page.

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Identifying “Outside the Box” Gifting Strategies

Identifying “Outside the Box” Gifting Strategies

While establishing an appropriate investment strategy with new clients, we take the time to consider every option, while ensuring the chosen plan does not have any negative unforeseen surprises. For example, if a client has several long-held stocks in their portfolio with very low cost basis, our first concern is the possible high tax consequence should they want to sell these holdings. By taking the time to think “outside the box”, we may be able to accomplish another goal of the clients, such as gifting to family and charitable causes close the client. By choosing to gift the zero-basis appreciated stock instead of cash to children or charities, the client is able to avoid having to pay long-term capital gains tax and the children and/or charity can benefit from this generosity, a win-win all around!.

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