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Image for Social Security Benefits for Your Spouse

Aug 20, 2018

Social Security Benefits for Your Spouse

As if Social Security isn’t confusing enough at times, Social Security spouse benefits can present a whole new set of challenges: When do you claim? Should you claim your benefits or your spouse’s benefits? How much of your spouse’s benefits can you claim? We’ve laid out several different scenarios to help guide you through what can seem like a labyrinth at times.

Image for 4 Biggest 401(k) Mistakes

Aug 16, 2018

4 Biggest 401(k) Mistakes

As financial planners and investment advisors, we see mistakes that employees make when handling their 401(k)s. Four such mistakes standout as having the greatest impact on a comfortable versus not-so comfortable retirement.

Image for The Importance of Mentorship

Aug 15, 2018

The Importance of Mentorship

Evan had the privilege over the last couple years to serve as a mentor to Max Moroknek, a student and entrepreneur at Brebeuf Jesuit, Evan’s alma mater. Evan discusses the importance of mentorship and giving back to younger generations, as well as a pretty nifty gadget Max and his business partner created.

Image for Dominance in the Stock Market

Aug 13, 2018

Dominance in the Stock Market

“Growth” stocks are dominating the stock market right now – think FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google). So have we seen the heyday of “value” stocks, never to be repeated again? Not so fast – both “growth” and “value” stocks have their place in your portfolio. Read on for the details on both types of stock and what they mean for your portfolio…plus the one thing you might want to do right now to ensure you’re on the right track.

Image for 529 College Savings Accounts - Does This Expense Qualify?

Aug 10, 2018

529 College Savings Accounts - Does This Expense Qualify?

Do you know what post-high school educational expenses qualify for tax-free reimbursement from your child’s 529 account? It’s important to know what expenses do qualify in order to avoid paying taxes and a penalty for those expenses that don’t.

Image for College Costs: What’s a Parent to Do?

Aug 9, 2018

College Costs: What’s a Parent to Do?

Anyone with children knows the cost of a college education is steadily on the rise, and that money has to come from somewhere. So what's a parent to do? We discuss ways to 1) determine how much to save and 2) ways to save for your children's education.

Image for Health Insurance, HSAs and Adult Children - Your Questions

Aug 8, 2018

Health Insurance, HSAs and Adult Children - Your Questions

It has become increasingly popular to keep your “adult” children on your health insurance plan until age 26, but it’s not as simple as just letting them use your insurance coverage. Read on for the ins and outs of health insurance and HSAs and what that might mean for your adult children.

Image for Inside Scoop on the New Kiddie Tax

Aug 6, 2018

Inside Scoop on the New Kiddie Tax

Thinking about moving investments into your children’s names to be taxed at a lower rate? Not so fast! The Kiddie Tax was recently restructured by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and it’s important to understand those changes and how it will affect you and your children. We have you covered with all the details.

Image for Target-Date Funds: Are They Right for You?

Jul 30, 2018

Target-Date Funds: Are They Right for You?

Chances are you’ve heard of target-date funds…but do you really know what they are and if they’re a good fit for your investment plan? We dive into the particulars so you don’t have to! Read on for more information on the pros of target-date funds, as well as their downside.

Image for Become a Millionaire…Overnight?

Jul 23, 2018

Become a Millionaire…Overnight?

Everyone would love to be a millionaire overnight – so why isn’t everyone doing it?! While there are avenues to grow your money quickly, they’re usually filled with risk and, more often than not, lead to failure. Instead, follow our lead – living within or below your means, combined with saving and investing, can be that rewarding combination you’re looking for, without the high risk.

Image for Bond Yield Curve: Indicating Recession?

Jul 16, 2018

Bond Yield Curve: Indicating Recession?

Investors, the bond market’s yield curve is indicting the possibility of impending recession! However, while the shape of the yield curve can be used as a tool to project the future health of the economy, it is not a crystal ball. Read on for a better understanding of yield curves and how this trend could impact you.

Image for The Underutilized HSA

Jul 16, 2018

The Underutilized HSA

By law, Health Savings Accounts are so tax-efficient they may be the best investment vehicle available. Then why are we not maximizing their use?